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Package #3 - Lessons and Youth Orchestra
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Package 3 - Individual Lessons and Orchestra

The IOSP is introducing new and exciting changes to the strings program in order to serve our students and families better! 

Lesson times have been extended to 45minutes for Middle School and High School students. In addition, all students in school have the opportunity to have an additional weekly group lesson. Please note that this option is for students who wish to take lessons and participate in our leveled orchestra rehearsals, but are unable to commit to the Monday night group lessons. We highly recommend the group lessons as students will be working on concert repertoire with their individual group during the Monday group lessons. 

This package includes individual lessons, orchestra rehearsals and enrichment activities, workshops and performances in the community as well as two formal performances in the Wilcox Theater of the Reif Performing Arts Center.

Our highly skilled instructors provide individual lessons in violin, viola, cello or bass in Grand Rapids, Deer River and Greenway schools. Student lessons take place at the students’ educational institution.  Homeschooled students and adults take lessons in our Reif Center offices. Orchestra rehearsals will be held immediately after school in room 1212 at The Grand Rapids Middle School (RJEMS). Group lessons will take place on Mondays afterschool in room 1212 at RJEMS. Lesson scheduling priority will be given to students to register for orchestra membership.

Registration is a commitment to the school year. Tuition may be paid in eight installments beginning September 15th. A significant discount is given for payment in full prior to September 15th. Please see our website for full program information including scholarship availability, prices and rental instruments. See package# 3 for your grade level!

Register today with a discounted commitment fee of $10 through Sptember 10th.

School year lesson packages

  • Package 1 - Lesson only

  • Package 2 - Lesson + Group lessons

  • Package 3 – Lessons + Orchestra

  • Package 4 – Lesson + Group Lesson + Orchestra

 Please contact us if you have additional questions:

 Pedro Oviedo, Director of String Instruction or 218-360-9485. 

Tammy Mattonen, Executive Director or 218-301-8926

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7 to 100
1:00 PM
$35.00 * If registered by 9/10/2021
Pedro Oviedo
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10/4/2021   1:00PM - 3:00PM