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Bright Start Baseball Clinic (ended)
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New interactive hitting class designed just for adults! 
Kevin Hoffman, founder and owner of Bright Start Baseball, has developed a new one-of-a-kind hitting
class that is specifically designed for parents. Kevin will be teaching his popular Slugmaster hitting class that
incorporates the 9 important hitting commands. Each participant will be able to learn all the necessary steps to
help ensure that their children are learning the proper fundamentals to help them become more confident at the
Kevin will explain how to eliminate the top hitting mistakes that young baseball and softball
players make. During the two-hour class, each parent will be swinging a bat to learn the commands and will also
be hitting off of a tee and learning important drills. A complete handout will be given at the conclusion of the
class as well as a hitting evaluation form to be used for their children.

Contact Kevin Hoffman with questions (218) 330-0019.

Class is only for adults. Fee includes both parents to attend. Children can attend but cannot participate. 

Sorry, this clinic has been canceled. 
Bring to Class:
Please bring a bat and wear loose fitting clothes and tennis shoes.

9:00 AM
Kevin Hoffman
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Class Cancelled
Dates & Times:
1/28/2023   9:00AM - 11:00AM ISD 319 NK High School - big gym